Yacht Steward / Stewardess

A yacht steward directs, instructs, and assigns personnel performing such functions as preparing and serving meals, managing all aspects of the interior of the yacht, training staff, and silver service. Moreover, the yacht steward oversees cleaning and maintaining quarters and steward department areas; receiving, issuing, and inventorying stores. The yacht steward also plans menus, compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records. The yacht steward may also requisition or purchase stores and equipment. Other duties may include baking & table service. A chief yacht steward’s duties may overlap with those of the Steward’s Assistant, the Chief Cook, and other Steward’s Department crew members.

A top yacht is a work of craftsmanship. In the interior of a modern yacht every surface, every fabric and every object is of the highest quality. The care and maintenance of such fine finishes and fabrics are in a different order to the need in any other luxury place.

The level of service which yacht owners expect is very high. A yacht steward needs to be able to take care of:
– Interior finishes
– Objet d’art
– Crystal and ceramics
– Rugs and carpets, including what to do after an accidental spillage

And to know about the:
– Comportment and etiquette
– Laundry
– Presentation of cabins and other interior spaces

A yacht steward knows fine food service, table setting, service styles, care and presentation of different foods and beverages. Luxury service includes the main following items:
– The French for all forms of service food and beverages
– Food tasting: olive oils, exotic salts, sugars and luxury foods
– How to serve all the meals of the day including tea and cakes and canapés
– Mixing drinks and serving champagne
– Food and nutrition
– Herbal teas as remedies
– Flower arrangement: centre pieces

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