Chef/Personal Chef/Private Chef

A personal chef prepares menus and food for the client/family, social events, and sometimes other staff. Chefs are in charge of all things related to the kitchen. This includes menu creation, management, scheduling kitchen staff, ordering, and plating design. The word chef derives from “Chef de cuisine”, a traditional French term. The household’s personal chef is responsible for anything food or kitchen-related, including organization, clean up, shopping for all food-related supplies and menu planning.

The food a personal chef prepares varies widely. Some prepare familiar or “comfort” foods like steak or lasagna, while some have to cook foods according to special dietary needs for people with medical concerns. For example, if a child is allergic to milk, a personal chef needs to adjust his or her menu. A chef may work for clients who are accustomed to more complicated & diverse menu selections.

A chef usually does more than cook. They most likely have a budget they must adhere to when buying food. Knowing where to get the best and freshest ingredients is also a plus. Organizational skills are also very important in this profession. The majority of personal chefs do not decide to “wing it” when they arrive at their clients’ houses. They come prepared with pre-planned menus. A chef may never see the families they cook for and may need to freeze their creations with prep instructions.

In addition, most personal chefs get the chance to see their clients frequently and develop a more personal relationship with the people who eat and enjoy their food. A chef may even live in the house of the family whose food they prepare. In these cases, they are referred to as a “private chef.” The chance to have great working relationships and possibly friendships with an employee/employer is a great bonus in this professional relationship.

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