Personal Assistant – (PA)

A personal assistant or personal aide (PA) is someone who assists in daily business and personal tasks. A personal assistant would help with time and calendar management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence and note taking, keeping track of the family agenda, arranging for reservations of various events, travel bookings, event planning, secretarial responsibilities, shopping and running errands. The title of a personal assistant is often shortened as “PA”. Other personal assistant duties may include and are not limited to:

  • Manage and maintain in-home business office.
  • Calendar social events.
  • Maintain household calendars and coordinate with business office calendars.
  • Liaison with executive office assistant.
  • Schedule all appointments and prepare Lady and Gentleman.
  • Accounts payable, expense reports and coordinate with business accountant.
  • Legal administration of household with attorneys.
  • Prepare and write correspondence.
  • Receive and open mail.
  • Handle document flow and organize files.
  • Project management.
  • Follow-through on personal tasks on behalf of Lady and Gentleman.
  • Liaison with estate managers, household managers, butlers and other personnel.
  • Sometimes serves as house manager or co-house manager.
  • Event and social planning.
  • Meeting and conference coordination.
  • Research tasks.
  • Oversee philanthropic activities.
  • Computerize all household inventory lists.
  • Maintain computer and office equipment.
  • Order office supplies.
  • Schedule holiday mailings.
  • Liaison with contractors, interior decorators.
  • Media and public relations.
  • Assist with security measures.
  • Travel with client

A personal assistant can make the difference in enhancing your household and optimizing your valuable time.

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