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Below is a general definition of the domestic staffing position of Nanny. The definition is a summary of the nanny position and not comprehensive. When you call us to discuss your staffing needs, we will take a detailed order of your particular requirements, the duties specific to your household, and identify a nanny tailored to suit you & your children.

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nanny is in charge of organizing and coordinating a child’s activities, preparing their meals, and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. He or she may have several years of college or a degree, and ideally a CPR or First Aid Certificate.

Many nannies serve as house manager or personal assistant to the employer.

A nanny usually provides long-term care for the children in one family. These children may be infants, preschoolers, or older. Nannies work directly for a family, not for a school or an organization. Duties may vary from household to household, but nannies generally tend to the basic needs of the children they care for, including shopping, cooking, preparing bottles, changing diapers, ironing and mending, supervising baths, and educating and amusing the children by reading and taking them on outings. They also discipline the children according to parents’ wishes. Some nannies are brought along with the families while on vacation.

They must embody trustworthiness and showcase reliability and care while they are working with a family and their children. Jobs can be classified as live-ins (those who reside at the children’s home more than 40 hours per week) or live-outs (those that stay with the children on a part-time basis).

Nannies provide supervision and constant care of someone else’s children when the parent or caregiver cannot be present. In order to qualify to be a nanny, hands-on experience with childcare is important in order to assure that one can handle the job. Building up a reputation with excellent references is essential for a nanny in order to prove experience as well as trustworthiness.

A nanny can benefit families and children in many ways. Some nannies hold childcare development and/or child psychology degrees, which are helpful in the raising of children. Most nannies form a bond with the children and families, and develop closeness and a sense of trust. Nannies take children to after-school activities and functions. Professional nanny agencies carefully match up qualified nannies with parents, which takes the guesswork out of background searches and compatibility challenges.

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