Let’s imagine you want to take a dozen friends out for dinner at your favorite restaurant – how many hassles are involved? Well there is a better alternative in hiring a chef (with or without a back-up team of kitchen help) to provide the gourmet experience in your own home. The private chef does all the grocery shopping for the meal and once they have departed, the left-overs are in the freezer and your kitchen is spotlessly clean.

You are providing the wine and drinks and have the pleasure and security of entertaining in your own home – no second sittings, no snotty Maitre D’ and no annoying people at the next table. Dining at home has become more and more popular and hiring a private chef to prepare your meals makes sound sense. Retaining a private chef on a full-time basis has never been easier. Many of the most famous chefs in the world supplement their income by providing a private service for select clients on an ad hoc basis, but many well trained chefs are now finding that they can be better compensated by working in the domestic service field as opposed to the high pressure world of restaurants and hotels.

The secret is to either specialise in one particular style of cooking, be it geographically specific or by providing a specific type of cooking – organic, low fat, fusion, spa, or any other. But, conversely, the chefs who have little trouble in finding employment are those that can turn their hand to any style of cooking and any type of menu (but have their own specialities too).

A good chef in the private service field will have a portfolio of menus to fit every occasion. However, there can be no room for kitchens tantrums in the domestic kitchen. No Gordon Ramsay here! No matter how brilliant. Diplomacy and tact are paramount as much as the preparation of wonderful food for the clients.

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