A governess is a nanny with formal education related to childcare or education that may home school / tutor children or be responsible for all aspects of childcare. A governess is a highly educated individual who fills the role of both teacher, and academic & social mentor for the children. They structure an education for their pupils that usually offer greater breadth and a higher standard than a school education can.

A governess, is responsible for the health and safety of children. She must also encourage the social interaction and assist in the education of her assigned children. These child care providers care for children in the home of the family. Governesses may work more than 40 hours each week since they often live in the family’s home.

Although a governess and a nanny have jobs that sound similar, these two positions are quite different in scope.  A governess will normally have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and she is in charge of the employer’s children and their education. Tri State Domestic requires that a governess have at least 5 years experience and some training in early childhood education or other related areas. Since educating the children is her primary focus, she should not necessarily be required to do other household tasks like housekeeping or cooking.

Many families hire a governess when they live abroad. Often times, they want their kids to learn their mother tongue and to take classes from their home country. For example, a family who is originally from the U.S. may live abroad in Russia, but they want to educate their kids in English using the standard  U.S. curriculum & American culture. We actually filled this specific example in the past. Hiring a governess is often an alternative to sending the kids to a boarding school.

A governess is, in essence, the head teacher for home schooled kids. A governess often coordinates all educational tasks for the kids, like obtaining books, teaching the courses and giving the exams. She would also coordinate the students’  studies so they are ready to take their national exams each year. She may also teach them a second language, if she is fluent in one. A governess may also teach the kids about culture, sports, manners, etiquette, music or the arts, depending on her background and the desire of the family. Some parents also hire a governess part-time to tutor the children in subjects that they struggle with.

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