A gardener is an individual who manages the staff of a large garden, landscape, such as a residential garden, botanical garden, or estate garden. A Gardener may possibly have a degree in horticulture, and cares for formal gardens, lawns, shrubs, flowers and other greenery. The gardener also supervises any outside vendors who come on the grounds and orders supplies & equipment for the estate. A gardener would have knowledge of insecticides and chemical application. A large or stately property may include several different types of garden, such as the formal garden (also English garden), lawns, white garden, Japanese garden, miniature or bonsai garden, tropical garden, cold climate garden, rockery, fernery, water garden, herb garden, orchard, and the management of related buildings and setups such as greenhouses (hothouses, glasshouses, and shade-houses), water features and aquaria would also be included.

A gardener has to make sure that the soil he is working with is of the right quality and in good condition. He precisely picks the right seeds of plants which are perfect for the conditions and plants them. A gardener trims shrubs and trees, removes weeds, and waters and feeds the plants. He must also know which chemical and fertilizers to utilize in order to maintain the plants’ health and keep them well nourished. He may also have to water and cut lawns, take away lifeless leaves, and paint fences. Landscape gardeners usually have undergone technical training. They are in-charge of providing professional care to garden flowers, trees, and shrubs. Gardeners utilize tools such as spades, rakes, hoes, and power tools like electric edgers, clippers and gas-powered mowers. Gardeners and groundskeepers often maintain and repair their tools and equipment. They may sharpen lawn mower blades and oil hedge clippers. At times, gardeners are also responsible for taking care of the underground water systems.

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