Estate Manager/House Manager

The estate manager, or household manager, usually the chief administrator serves in the primary role for managing the staff & services for one or more homes/estates. The duties may include some or all of the following:

  • Interviewing and managing all staff
  • Supervising all contract work & vendors
  • Manage and administrate operations of multiple properties for employer
  • Work closely with butlers, housekeepers at each estate or home, and/or the Personal Assistant.
  • Monitor and may manage the household budgets at each location.
  • Supervision of vehicle maintenance & documentation
  • Development and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Oversee and monitor the household bank account(s) with business accountant(s).
  • Oversee the proper cross-training of employees at each property.
  • Create household reference manuals for each property.
  • Act as a consultant to Butlers or serve as Butler as employer moves from property to property.
  • Wine cellar management

Estate Manager is typically in charge for the systematic operations of a private estate(s), usually numerous homes and or properties, sometimes located in different countries. An estate manager has proper and methodical training & formal education, in addition to computer and accounting skills, as well as broad knowledge relating to general land management duties. An Estate Manager’s work profile will differ depending on the person and the requirements of the specific estate. An estate manager may oversee and supervise the household bank account with the business accountant. An effective and efficient estate manager knows how to perform as an expert to clients. An estate manager must know the whole system and control of the property management in order to have an easy access on monitoring the run of the estate.

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