Companion/Elder Care

A companion, sitter, or private duty may be a nurse, nurse assistant, or similar professional who is hired to work with one patient (or occasionally two). An aide providing care to one or more persons in a private home is generally referred to as a home health aide. A companions is sometimes hired to provide only chores within a household, such as basic-level cooking, cleaning, or in some cases, nothing more than supervision or social interaction without providing any hands-on care. Companions may be hired to work in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and private homes, and their duties range from advanced medical care to simple companionship and observation. A Companion is responsible for assisting his or her employer in various ways. A Companion’s duties may include driving, traveling with the employer and accompanying him or her to certain events and appointments. Duties may also include some assistance with activities of daily living.

A companion performs homemaking, personal care, social, and business services for people who are elderly, disabled, or recovering from illness. The duties of companions, sometimes referred to as personal and home care aides, vary depending on the needs of their employers. They may read to their employers, talk to them, and play cards or other games with them. A companion may accompany and drive their employers to social events, such as dinners and parties. They may also plan trips and outings for their employers as well as travel with them. Some companions handle their employers’ business affairs, which include writing letters, paying bills, and going to the bank.

In attending to their employers’ personal needs, companions may give medication and oversee exercise programs. They may plan, prepare, and serve meals and shop for food. They may do light housekeeping, such as dusting, sweeping, and making beds. Sometimes they also take care of washing and ironing clothes. Many companions live in their employers’ homes. In some cases a companion speaks with employers in their employers’ native languages.

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