A caretaker is a person that has the responsibility of the maintenance of the property, buildings, and the smooth running of an estate, especially when done in the absence of the owner. This includes making sure the heating/cooling system is working, painting, gardening, plumbing, carpentry, car maintenance, cleaning, portering goods, moving furniture, doing repairs, ordering materials, and charge of maintenance equipment. A caretaker may be asked to assist with heavy cleaning duties within the house. A caretaker may also be responsible for caring for animals or performing regular errands during their stays.

Caretakers give property owners the peace of mind of knowing that their properties are being looked after while they are away. Caretakers also ensure that regular maintenance takes place. Property owners with animals can leave them at home while they are away so they don’t have to bear the hassle and expense of boarding them.

In additional to those who look after private residences, caretakers may be employed at ranches, farms, bed and breakfast inns, certain hotels and motels, churches or schools. They may perform duties such as tending to livestock, registering guests and general cleaning and maintenance tasks. Those who live in historic homes or buildings may also fill the role of tour guide.

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