A butler is a servant in a wealthy, large household or estate. In great houses, the household is sometimes divided into departments with the butler in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry. Some also have charge of the entire parlor floor, men’s wardrobe, and housekeepers caring for the entire house and its appearance. The butler, as the senior servant, typically has the highest servant status. The butler is in charge of food service, wine, spirits, and silver, supervises other servants, and may perform a wide array of household management duties. Butlers may also be titled majordomo, butler administrator, staff manager, or head of household staff, and in the grandest homes or when the employer owns more than one residence, there is sometimes an estate manager of higher rank than the butler.

A butler plays an important role among a team of professionals who strive to offer a high level of personalized service that not only surpasses any guest’s expectations but also adds a point of difference if comparison between the facility and any other is done. The butler position enables one to provide highly personalized, detailed and flawless service to guests. A butler takes care of guests’ needs in a highly proficient manner. The butler also ensures that guests receive care without necessarily having to impose himself on them. Butler job duties include the following:

  • Receiving guests.
  • Maintaining the operations of the household and/or running personal household tasks for clients or the employer.
  • Supervision of service vendors.
  • Arranging travel plans for the employer as well as the household guests.
  • Maintaining household security.
  • Assisting in cooking as well as serving meals and drinks to guests.
  • Arranging the table for serving meals.
  • Drawing household budgets.
  • Keeping wine cellars and having knowledge regarding fine wines.
  • Offering general valet services.
  • Managing various supplies in secondary dwellings.
  • Hiring and supervising junior staff.
  • Setting maintenance programs for miscellaneous equipment such as planes, boats and stables.
  • Managing housekeeping duties.

Butler job skills need the following attributes:

  • Possession of excellent public communication skills.
  • A passion for serving guests and collaborating with other staff.
  • Ability to work under pressure and for long unscheduled hours.
  • Excellent managerial and supervision skills.

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